How to apply

Moving into a community like Carolina Meadows is a big decision for you and your family, so we take great care to review each application carefully. To ensure a smooth application process, please read through all the steps below. When you submit your application, please be as complete and specific as possible so that we can evaluate all facets of your health, your insurance coverage and financial status. In addition, we ask that you state a preference for the kind of floor plan you desire, so please spend some time reviewing our Independent Living Floor Plans.

Step 1. Download, print and complete this three-part application.

Part 1Application
Part 2Financial Application
Part 3Health History Form

Mail the completed application packet, along with a check for $300 (non-refundable application fee) per person to:

Sales Director
100 Carolina Meadows
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

You will be assigned a sequence number once your application is processed. You will then receive a Carolina Meadows Disclosure Statement.

Step 2. Choose either the Waiting List or Ready List.

If you know that Carolina Meadows is right for you, but you’re unsure about your timing, you’ll choose the Waiting List. If you are prepared to move and we anticipate an availability for your chosen unit in the foreseeable future, you may apply for the Ready List. You may contact us at any time to determine the optimal time to apply to move from the Waiting List to the Ready List.

Step 3. Join the Waiting List. Place a $3,000 Deposit.

Sign our agreement, place a $3,000 refundable deposit, and you will be assigned a sequence number and placed on the waiting list.

Step 4. Join the Ready List. Place a 5-percent deposit.

When you are ready to join the Ready List, you’ll be asked to provide your last six months of medical records as well as updated financial forms, including bank statements, brokerage statements, and income tax returns from the past two years. Once these are received and reviewed, we’ll arrange for you to meet with members of our Admissions Committee. You will be notified by mail of your acceptance to the Ready List. At this point, a 5-percent deposit is required based on the price of the more expensive of your two floor plan choices, as well as your signature on our Ready List Deposit Agreement. If you should cancel, there is a $1,000 cancellation fee. Please be aware that your sequence number determines your position on the Ready List. This means that if someone on the Waiting List with a lower sequence number transitions to the Ready List, they will move ahead of you. However, when someone reaches the top of the Ready List for a particular floor plan, their position is protected: only a Carolina Meadows resident that meets internal transfer criteria will have priority.

Step 5. Sign the Residency and Care Agreement.

You’re getting close! Once you have been offered and accept your specific home, you will sign the Residency and Care Agreement. This details the terms and conditions of your Carolina Meadows Residency, and a move-in date will be established.

Step 6. Pay the balance on your home and the Resident Assistance Fee.

It’s time to close on your new home! The 95% balance of your entrance fee and your Resident Assistance Fee (currently $8,500 per person) are now due. After the closing, you will receive the keys and take possession of your new home.

Congratulations! You are now a resident at Carolina Meadows! Once you are settled in you will attend an orientation given by our staff and you’ll receive a visit from the Resident Welcoming Committee! We also will invite you to attend monthly meetings for new residents.