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Affording Carolina Meadows

An equitable approach to retirement living.

The Equity Advantageā„¢

TheĀ Equity Advantageā„¢ is unique among retirement communities, where diminishing returns on entrance fees are the norm. At Carolina Meadows, if our residents leave for any reason, we will return the equity earned in their home. If the resale value of the residentā€™s home appreciates to cover the sales costs, the resident is entitled to one half of the net appreciation.

The sooner you join our community, the more equity you can build.

More Equity Advantageā„¢ Details

Fee-for-Service: Pay Only For The Care You Need

When researching different communities you will begin to learn more about contract choices. Carolina Meadows offers a fee-for-service contract exclusively. This means you only pay for higher levels of care when needed.

Our Fee Schedule
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