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Carolina Meadows Community Park
Ruth Leopold

Who would have ever imagined a park with a walking path, beautiful plantings, sculpture, benches and picnic tables on the campus of a retirement community? Well, this is what we have at Carolina Meadows. And it wasn’t created by an outside professional landscaping contractor; rather, a few residents put their heads together, came up with the idea, and in short order generated donations of $50,000.

Then work began. A landscaping firm cleared a large area atop a berm that runs parallel to Fearington Road. Soil, mulch, and landscaping fabric were put down. Taimi Anderson, a Carolina Meadows resident who happens to be a landscape architect, laid out the path that winds through the heart of the park. Chapel Hill gravel was used for the surface of the path.

Yellow jasmine climbs up both sides of a large wooden arbor at one end of the path. A bench memorializing Bob Weston, one of the park’s founders, rests beneath the arbor. A striking sculpture donated by new residents Joanne and Michael Cotter rests at the other end. Don Brewer, another resident, installed a water line and placed a second bench and a picnic table in another spot.

As happened at other places in Carolina Meadows—and regionally—not all the plantings survived the prolonged heat and torrential rains of the summer of 2016. But ornamental fruit trees, maples, a red bud, blueberry bushes, coneflowers, yarrow, salvia, sages as well as many other varieties did.

Now that we are experiencing fall’s cool breezes, explore the Community Park. When you emerge from the woods, sit awhile and enjoy the vista of the entire garden, still a work in progress.

Stay tuned for future developments.

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