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Carolina Meadows March Meadowlark 2016
Carolina Meadows

A message from the UNC-TV Steering Committee:

UNC-TV Fund Drive “Festival 2016” Underway

February 27 marked the launch of “Festival 2016.” We’ve listed some of the highlights and milestones among the “Festival 2016” activities in the accompanying box. (See Meadowlark)

Pictured in the February issue of the Meadowlark, our unique collection box is located right outside the dining areas and awaits your deposited UNC-TV membership sheets and checks. There will be volunteers at the display table beside the box after dinner at least once each week to answer your questions and help you to fill out those forms. Membership boxes are also on display in the Fairways and the Pines. We will offer special “thank you gifts” for this year’s donors.

This year’s fundraiser will feature a new Carolina Meadows matching fund, thanks to several generous benefactors who want to encourage you all to make your contributions. We’ve set an ambitious goal of a 25% increase in those giving, with a match of up to $150 to each first-time UNC-TV contributor.

We thank the many Carolina Meadows volunteers from over a dozen of our CM committees and special activity groups who have contributed to a special display, event or project, many of which you can read about in separate articles in this issue of the Meadowlark, as well as the dozens more “unsung heroes” who have already rolled up their sleeves to work behind the scenes to help make donating fun as well as successful.

Carolina Meadows Night Live on UNC-TV has been set for Wednesday evening, March 16.  Be sure to tune in and join in the fun. You can call in and watch us take your call live, even if you have already made your contribution here at CM (please do!). We’ll even wave at you if you want. That night we will present a giant check to UNC-TV. Please help us to make it the “giantest ever”!

– UNC-TV Steering Committee

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