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Carolina Meadows November Meadowlark 2015
Carolina Meadows

Carolina Meadows would like to congratulate employee Nadoua Royal on recently becoming a United States citizen.

Nadoua became a US Citizen on July 17, 2015. Having lived in America now for 14 years, she has been doing the necessary studies to achieve this goal for seven years.

Many remember Nadoua when she first came to Carolina Meadows in December, 2013 as an Assistant Manager/Hostess in the Club Center Dining Room. She quickly learned the residents’ preferences and made every effort to accommodate them. Her hard work and cheerful disposition were recognized and appreciated by all. In May of this year she was promoted to one of the Co-Manager positions in the Fairways Dining Room.

Congratulations Nadoua!

The Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest is Back! Which is your favorite?

Primary Care PumpkinThe Fairways PumpkinThe Green / Precinct 12 PumpkinPrecinct 15 PumpkinResident Services / Precinct 10 PumpkinPrecinct 2

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