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7:15 pm: Movie Night ‘Monster’s Ball’ CANCELED

2001 – 1 hr, 51 min – Rated R

Halle Berry, Billy Bob Thornton, Heath Ledger

Death row in the Louisiana State Penitentiary is the hothouse backdrop for this hard-hitting drama about a racist prison guard who falls in love with the African American wife of a condemned man he helped execute. 



7:30 pm: Travel Adventures ‘America the Beautiful’ CANCELED

Ed Unterberg says, “Our favorite trip was not to some exotic country but an adventure we had in our own United States.  We toured several of our great National Parks, from the very first to those that comprise the Grand Circle found in our western states, plus we house-boated on Lake Powell, a lake with more shoreline than California, and had other wonderful stops along the way.    The scenery was incredible and hard to match anywhere in the world.  We hope you enjoy our favorite trip.” 

4:00 pm: Meadows Democrats Program – Rep. Sydney Batch CANCELED

The Meadows Democrats will host Sydney Batch, House District 37. Her topic will be “Turning Out the Minority Vote.”

Although in her first term in the House, she recently testified to Congress on the importance of paid family leave.  Representative Batch is an attorney, wife, parent and small business owner. There will be refreshments following the presentation.

This meeting is open to all CM residents. 

10-10:30 Fresh Air Fitness; Out Door Exercise ( weather permitting)

These classes will include a full body workout with the benefits of fresh air, and social engagement with physical distancing (space is limited to 10 participants). 

Weather permitting and temperatures above 60 degrees. Check Fitness and Health page for cancellations.

9:00-9:30 am Virtual Class Body Movements

This 30-minute class will incorporate basic body movements to help build strength, balance and flexibility. The workout includes both standing and seated exercises. You will need at least 6 feet of space around you and a sturdy chair to fully participate. We also reccomend clothing you can move in, closed toed athletic shoes and please remember to stay hydrated.

For Zoom Link refer back to Meadowlife Fitness and Health page.

Questions contact Michelle Marino at 919-370-7114.

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