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July 9, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Come meet Lucia Peel Powe, author of /You CANTake it with You: A Southern Grandma Spills the Beans about growing up (and, consequently, growing OLD) in the South./

In /You Can Take It With You,/ join Lucia Peel Powe on her long and colorful life as she travels from Macon, Georgia, to the Miss America Pageant to TV’s Romper Room — and beyond — in this collection of reminiscences, wry observations, and essays both humorous and serious that span nearly nine decades. Essays by Lucia Peel Powe; illustrations by V.C. Rogers

*Lucia Peel Powe* earned her BFA in speech and drama at Wesleyan Conservatory in Macon, Georgia, and later attended UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and East Carolina University for graduate work. Eastern North Carolinians remember her as “Miss Lucia” on the syndicated program, Romper Room, produced in Greenville, NC. Over the years she has taught creative writing, speech, drama, music and art history at both college and high school levels. In 2009, she founded Kidznotes, a nonprofit program that helps at-risk children excel by teaching them to play and love classical music.  Lucia Peel Powe wrote the novel /Roanoke Rock Muddle,/ followed by its sequel, /The Osprey’s View./ Her new book of essays, /You Can Take It With You,/ was published by Outer Banks Publishing Group.

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