The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Live life to the fullest with activities that support
your well-being.

Every resident and worker is a member of the Carolina Meadows family. You’ll find that every employee on campus is willing to help with the smallest and largest tasks. We’re here to be your safety net and make sure you’re living life to the fullest.

Spiritual: Enhance your sense of meaning and purpose at Carolina Meadows as you find a deep appreciation for life through a variety of activities. Help maintain the meditation garden, attend weekly religious services, play with dogs and cats or join a drum circle. We’ll help you strive for a state of harmony.

Physical: Physical wellness is more than just getting the right amount of exercise daily. A healthy diet is equally important to keep your body running at peak levels. Meet with our registered dietician to find your own individualized plan for meals. The options for a workout are endless with two exercise studios, including one on-site at assisted living, a swimming pool, a tennis court and golf course. Learn more about Active Lifestyles.

Emotional: Express your feelings freely and appropriately. We will help you handle the stresses life throws your way and act as a support group. Join in with the poetry group, participate in a music appreciation event or tend to your plot in the community garden.

Social: Social opportunities are endless at Carolina Meadows. New residents are embraced with open arms and precinct welcoming committees make you feel at home from Day 1. Go on organized trips with your new friends: see a show at Carolina Performing Arts or Durham Performing Arts Center, spend a day relaxing on Jordan Lake or shopping at the mall. There’s plenty to do without leaving campus with dances and gatherings happening daily. Learn more about Social Opportunities.

Intellectual: We’ll keep the mind stimulated while expanding knowledge and skills. Head back to school with mini-courses as part of Carolina Meadows University program. Stay up to date on the latest current events at the weekly World Affairs meeting. Our programs will have you thinking critically and seeking new academic challenges. Learn more about Lifelong Learning.

Environmental: Carolina Meadows provides a safe and secure environment to spend your golden years. There are handrails in assisted living areas, and a safety committee consisting of residents and administrative staff meets monthly to address any concerns. We’re also promoting an improved environment in the Chapel Hill community with encouraged participation in recycling, Adopt-A-Highway and Habitat for Humanity.

Vocational: Pursue your hobbies and interests through creativity or volunteerism. Spend time in the art room creating a personal masterpiece, serve on one of the 24 resident committees, volunteer to drive community members to a doctor’s appointment, help run the gift shop or mentor a staff member that is trying to master English.