Community Outreach


Carolina Meadows Outreach Brochure

Carolina Meadows is pleased to share our Outreach Brochure highlighting the ways we work in partnership to support our greater community.

Be Bold, Claim Old

BE BOLD, CLAIM OLD ™ is a national campaign to challenge pervasive ageism in our society. It begins with embracing and celebrating every age, not just the gold standard of “youth.” Amy Gorely, in collaboration with Carolina Meadows and the University of North Carolina’s Partnerships in Aging Program, has developed a toolkit for communities to use to rethink how we approach the universal process of aging.

Committed to our Local Community.

As part of our mission to enrich and improve the lives of seniors, Carolina Meadows gives back through four key focus areas: support of our local community, investment in the future of aging, contributions to the local economy and partnerships related to senior initiatives.

These areas of impact allow us to work in partnership with others to identify and alleviate unmet needs and to support seniors who live beyond our community walls. Here are some of our success stories:

Support of our Local Community

  • Our Community Grants Program has awarded more than one million dollars since 2007 to support local nonprofit agencies. Carolina Meadows is pleased to announce its 2017 grantees.  Read more about the grants here.
  • Our residents reported 44,908 volunteer hours during 2016, which equates to more than $1,050,000 to support community and nonprofit organizations.
  • Our innovative partnership with the Literacy Council, which trains residents to serve as ESL tutors to our non-native English housekeeping staff, won a statewide award in 2013. Seven employees have become U.S. Citizens through the Council’s Citizenship Services also led by residents.

Investment in the Future of Aging

  • More than 150 students and 40 residents participate in our annual falls risk assessment partnership with students from UNC’s School of Medicine.
  • We actively participate in aging-related research.

Contributions to the Local Economy

  • We donated $50,000 toward the construction of Northeast Park in Chatham County.
  • More than $800,000 in property taxes was paid in 2015.
  • Our residents generously donate time and money to the United Way, CORA food pantry and UNC-TV.

Partnerships Related to Senior Initiatives

  • We’ve partnered with the Council on Aging, the Department of Social Services and Chatham County Government on a frozen meal program for seniors in need.
  • The donation of a new bus to the Pittsboro PACE Program allows nursing home and Medicaid-eligible seniors to remain in their own homes.
  • A countywide Music and Memory Initiative is in progress thanks to our collaboration with the Area Agency on Aging, which will bring personalized music to residents with memory impairment in six local eldercare facilities.

We’re proud of our continued outreach efforts, and we look forward to sharing more success stories. For more information, contact Amy Gorely, MPA, our Director of Community Relations, at 919-370-7213.