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2012 Carolina Meadows United Way Campaign Breaks Record
Carolina Meadows

The three co-chairs of the 2012 United Way campaign at Carolina Meadows — Jim Borden, George Evans and Lynn Ogden — have announced with great enthusiasm the results of the recently completed 2012 CM annual United Way fund drive.

Ogden said the 2012 campaign generated contributions of $56,499 from 299 households, compared to the previous Carolina Meadows record of $51,200 from 278 households in 2011.

The county-wide United Way of Chatham County provides funding support for 19 nonprofit agencies and helps meet critical needs of this carefully selected group of organizations. Groups receiving funding run the gamut of services: The youth-oriented Chatham County Together! provides young people with positive adult role models and activities that teach academics and social skills and encourage confidence; while the senior-focused Chatham County Council on Aging is designated by the Chatham County Commissioners as the single portal of entry for services to older adults.

Co-chair Borden said he has served for several years on United Way panels evaluating requests from county agencies.

“I have been impressed with the many needs and the thoroughness with which the United Way evaluates these requests to ensure real benefit from the money we have generously given,” he said.

Co-chair Evans added: “Living as we do in the northeast corner of Chatham County, we do not often see the needs of so many people who live in the greater community. The United Way agencies do recognize these needs and do a very good job of delivering help. It is very gratifying that the Carolina Meadows community has been so generous in its support of this year’s campaign.”

Dina Reynolds, executive director of the United Way of Chatham County, called the record-breaking gift “a remarkable accomplishment.”

“Carolina Meadows certainly demonstrated that where there’s a will there’s a way by increasing their campaign results by 10 percent over a year ago,” she said.

The United Way of Chatham County is one of four annual fund-raising efforts at Carolina Meadows. The others are: Chatham Outreach Alliances (CORA), which provides and distributes food to local families in temporary need; CM Employee Appreciation; and UNC-TV.

By John Modisett

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