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An Appetite For Variety, Artistry And Service
Carolina Meadows

“The food is definitely a high spot relative to any other place we looked at.”

In his 42 years residing in Chapel Hill, Karl Bauman had a front row seat as the town gained a regional reputation as a foodie haven. When he and his wife decided to look in CCRC possibilities, they found the range and quality of dining experiences and the exceptional staff at Carolina Meadows particularly appealing. What also stood out for him was how well-thought-out everything was at his future home. “We liked everything better about Carolina Meadows,” Karl recalls, “and more than any of the prior neighborhoods we’ve lived in, it’s been easy it was to get to know everyone very well.” Karl enjoys volunteering in support of various causes and finds that Carolina Meadow gives him many opportunities to contribute to his neighbors and the greater community.

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