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Appreciating Our Employees
Bill Powers

The words “Thank You” are spoken countless times a day at Carolina Meadows as we express our gratitude to employees who cheerfully and efficiently provide a wide range of services.

In the dining rooms, our wait staff not only provides attentive table service, but also greets us by name. (How they all learn our names is a mystery!) Throughout the campus, housekeepers, groundskeepers, receptionists, Wellness Department staff, nurse’s aides, security personnel and many others are there day in and day out working on our behalf. In all, some two hundred full time staff and scores of part time employees facilitate and enhance the experience of living at Carolina Meadows.

Now, as nice as “thank you!” is, we know that words do not put food on the table or gas in the car. And since one of the first things that residents learn when they join the Carolina Meadows community is the strict “No tipping” policy, we look for a special way to express our gratitude more tangibly in the holiday season.

Gifts to the annual Employee Appreciation Fund do just that. Residents reflect on the countless services provided for them 365 days per year, and they contribute generously to this fund, which is taken up each November by the Residents Association. Last year, we collected $268,000, and we expect to see even more this year.

After Santa’s helpers have tallied the avalanche of gifts, they allocate funds for all employees (excluding the top administrators) based on salary and years of service. Finally, at the employee holiday party on December 12, eligible employees receive their bonus checks. Hundreds of employees leave that evening glowing with delight at a generous gift that will certainly brighten the holiday season for them and their families.

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