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Being a Carolina Meadows Early Advantage Member during a Pandemic… part 2
Jill Grosman

Forward for Early Advantage Pandemic Blog #2

The term Early Advantage may not be familiar to you readers on Carolina Meadows public web page. “Early Advantage” refers to residents of Carolina Meadows who have announced their intention of moving to Carolina Meadows but have not yet physically done so. EA folks have paid a sum which will go toward their entrance fee for an apartment or villa. They also pay a monthly fee which allows them access to all the amenities Carolina Meadows offers; they serve on committees and are part of the Residents’ Association. Jill Grosman, who is an EA resident, shares what it’s like to experience the COVID pandemic while living outside of Carolina Meadows grounds. One photo shows where she currently lives in Cary, NC. The other shows one of her projects she has been working on while practicing social distancing

Early Advantage Pandemic Blog #2

It would be wonderful to say life has changed dramatically since I shared what Barry and I were doing as Carolina Meadows Early Advantage residents back in the spring, but that would not be true. We are still keeping safe and distant from most people. This is especially true in terms of family and friends who we know have been in contact with other people.

Exercise and eating carefully are our two major goals. I do a number of ZOOM exercise and yoga sessions through Carolina Meadows and other resources. I love exercising on ZOOM especially doing yoga. While I love yoga breathing and much of the stretching, there are a number of movements that are not for my body.  When I actually participated in yoga classes in the past I would just rest and breathe when the movements were not good for me. Now no one sees me resting and I can do the parts I like. It is a wonderful way to exercise and stay mentally happy.  At least two days a week I walk with different groups of friends (two at a time) around my neighborhood.  They come here because there is not a lot of traffic; we can do several routes and go up and down some hills, that is, if it isn’t too dreadfully hot and humid. The socialization is as important to me as the exercise.

When necessary, Barry and I are going out to local Publix at 7:00 am when they open, figuring it is the cleanest time and will have the fewest shoppers. It is five minutes from our house so we are usually home by 7:30 am.

During June and July, I participated in a North Carolina Museum of Art Virtual Internship program as a mentor to two virtual interns. It was fun for me! These two delightfully bright and enthusiastic twenty somethings chatted with me weekly on the phone or face time sharing information about their projects and life in general. In addition, we enjoyed a weekly group ZOOM meeting where the coordinator scheduled speakers from the various museum departments. That was outstanding; and I looked forward to it each week!

In June I also had a mammogram, a dental emergency and one other medical appointment. I told the dentist that you know things were bad this winter when June’s highlights are a mammogram and going to the dentist. He didn’t take offense as I have been going to him for many years.

Now that the Wake County Library System is open for picking up books on “Hold” I have shifted from all online reading to getting books that I have wanted for a while. It is an organized system and easy to schedule book pick up. My hold list is getting longer by the minute as reading is one other thing I love doing.

Wearing and mask and staying safe in Cary,

Jill Grosman

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