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Being a Carolina Meadows Early Advantage Member during a Pandemic….
Jill Grosman

Several words need to be added to this title. It should read “Being a Carolina Meadows Early Advantage member during a Pandemic while living in Cary, or 23 miles away from the campus.” Our contact with the Carolina Meadows campus has been very limited since March because of the 1/2 hour drive. We are “sheltering in place.” For the most part we have food stuffs delivered to us or we order fresh veggies, prepared meals and fish online and have the food and veggies placed in our trunk after we drive to a nearby store or distribution location.

Recently we have utilized Carolina Meadows Home Shopping service to order and pick up some masks and cleaning items. The organization and delivery of these purchases to the trunk of our automobile as we pass by the designated location has been easy and efficient.

Our most regular contact with the community is listening to the twice weekly Town Hall sessions that occur on Tuesday and Friday. Ben and Kevin and their staff deserve everyone’s accolades and support for the yeomen’s job they have done to keep everyone as safe as possible in light of the coronavirus.

We have all gone through the frustration and angst that a pandemic causes. As a health care neighbor of ours expressed, ‘the sadness, depression, fear or other negative emotions that many of us are feeling may be linked to the unknown ending.’  Many of us are always planning for future trips, holidays, special occasions and now that is difficult. There is no concrete end in sight. In addition, we have concerns about all the unknowns of the disease itself.

However, every time we listen to Ben and the rest of the Carolina Meadows support team, it re-enforces our feeling that we made the correct choice in picking Carolina Meadows as our next home.

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