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Canine Conversations Continued
Dixie Spiegel

Our intrepid translator of canine language is back with more doggie discussions she overheard. Here is her transcript of the further adventures of Zooey (an English Labrador Retriever) and Caroline (a Border Collie).

Zoe:  Hey, Caroline!  I haven’t seen you for a while. What have you been up to?

Caroline: Oh, the usual – walking, eating, getting petted, kissing my mom.  But now you and I need to write another blog about being a pet at Carolina Meadows.  Let’s go visit Chloe in the Fairways.

Zoe: The Fairways?  That’s our assisted living residence.  Do you mean that you can have a pet there?  Fabulous.

Caroline: Yep.  The Fairways welcomes pets.  Right now there are two cats and one dog in residence.  Chloe lives with Joni Kitrinos.  Chloe is a 15-year old Chihuahua. Let’s go meet her!

At the Fairways…..

Zoe:  Good morning, Chloe.  Caroline and I would like to talk to you about being a dog in the Fairways.  Do you like it here? (Side comment to Caroline: “She’s sooo cute.”)

Chloe: It’s just great!  I live with Joni on the third floor of the Fairways.  We have a great apartment, with a living room and small kitchen and a nice bedroom.  Like Caroline, I’m a bit of a senior dog, so Joni has steps next to the sofa and bed so I can snuggle up to her easily.

Caroline:  So, as a senior, you probably are not running around all day. What’s your day like?

Chloe:  I nap a lot, of course.  My dog walker, Dedra, takes me for one good walk every day.  Joni takes me with her everywhere in the Fairways, except the dining areas.  The other residents love to pet me, especially since I am very calm.  I’m in my carrier, so no one feels threatened.

Caroline: I get to go everywhere with Dixie, too.

Zoe:  This is a delicate subject, but if you only go outside once a day, how do you take care of your business?

Chloe:  I use puddle pads.  It’s no big deal.  They are easy to dispose of and Joni and I don’t have worry about “mistakes.”

Caroline: I hear you are a world traveler.

Chloe:  Indeed.  I have flown to Turkey three times to see Joni’s human son.  In the airplane I either stay in my carrier under Joni’s feet or sit in her lap.  It’s pretty cool.

Zoe:  Is there anything else we need to know about being a dog in the Fairways?

Chloe:  Joni thinks of me as a gift to the other Fairways residents who love dogs but maybe can no longer care for them, even with help.  It makes me happy to brighten their day.

Caroline: Thanks so much for sharing this picture of your life with Joni at the Fairways.  It sounds perfect for both of you.

Zoe:  That was fun.  Aren’t there also a lot of dogs in the independent living apartments?  I mean a lot!

Caroline: Yep.  The CM apartments are perfect for small dogs who don’t need a lot of space.  Do you know Margaux?  She lives with Sharon Epstein in Building 6.  I wonder if she and Sharon are home right now.

In Building 6…

Caroline:  Margaux, this is Zoey.  We’ve come to make you an Internet star on the Carolina Meadows Blog.  Can you tell us what it’s like to live in an apartment here?

Zoe:  You cute fluffy white thing! Are you a Bichon? We have lots of Bichons here.

Margaux:  Actually, I’m a Madagascar cousin, a Coton de Tulear.  According to the Internet my breed is “vocal, affectionate, intelligent, lively, playful, and trainable.” I’m four years old.

Caroline:  I’ve never heard of that breed.  You really are special.  So do you like living here?

Margaux:  It’s great.  I have lots of friends right here in Building 6.  I used to live with Sharon in a condo, so I’ve had to get used to people (and dogs) walking by my door, but I’m pretty mellow about it now.  I even (giggle) have a boyfriend, Lani, downstairs.  We have a lot of playdates.

Zoe: Do you get outside much?

Margaux:  I would LOVE to get outside more, but Sharon is still busy settling in.  Of course, she takes me out for walks.  My one complaint about Carolina Meadows is that I can’t run around off leash. I just love to run, but unless we go to the CM dog park, I have to be on leash.  Boo!  The grounds here are so interesting and beautiful.  Have you two smelled that great spot at the corner of the golf course and Appletree Lane?  So fascinating.  I can’t quite figure out what it is.

Caroline:  So, if you don’t get out as much as you would like, what do you do all day?

Margaux: I do have a few toys.  Actually, by actual count, 38.  Surely that’s not enough?  I especially like squeaky ones.

Caroline:  Me too!

Margaux: Well, I love both human and dog visitors.  And living in an apartment means we have lots of interaction.  Apartment buildings are very social, you know.  In general, people at Carolina Meadows love dogs and I get petted a lot.

Zoe:  Well thanks for talking to us.  Maybe we’ll run into each other again at the dog park.  We’re so glad you are here at Carolina Meadows.

Dixie Spiegel

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