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Catching Up With Eleanor
Judy Tilson
Photo: Judy Tilson

Not long ago I was walking our dog on the golf course—on a leash of course—and saw ninety-eight year old Eleanor Brooks teeing off on the 4th hole. It occurred to me that I had watched her from a distance for too long, and I looked for a chance to chat. Today, after exercise class, I was lucky.

Eight years ago, she said, she had listened to her children’s advice and moved to Carolina Meadows from Sarasota, Florida. Her husband had died after almost 70 years of marriage, and her children wanted her closer to them. Carolina Meadows fit her needs exactly.

Eleanor loves golf and bridge, and she found those here. If the weather is at least in the upper 40s, with nothing more than a slight drizzle, she heads for the golf course—walking. Playing almost daily since 1961, she would never EVER think of using a golf cart. If she is not on the golf course, she may be at a bridge table in the game room. She plays duplicate and party bridge and is highly sought after as a partner.

A participant in “muscle up” classes, she arrives at the gym as early as 8:15 on weekday mornings. She’s also a frequent visitor to the library where she likes to use the lighted magnifying glass to read. In the evenings, special programs often draw her, along with many others, to the auditorium.

The Carolina Meadows bus takes her off campus when she needs to do a bit of grocery shopping and get a haircut or manicure. Last week’s “Lavender Orchid” nail polish was a disaster, I discovered, but “Rosy Pink” will soon fix that!

Her days are full. No wonder it was tough tracking her down.

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