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Comings and Goings
Caroyln Koenig

Carolina Meadows residents are a lively bunch and many enjoy getting “out and about”—off campus and beyond. Some of our neighbors have recently returned from far flung travels to Europe and elsewhere, some are back from summer homes in cooler climates such as Maine and the mountains, but many of us stayed on the go right here at home.

Since the local area has become a destination for “foodies,” a few of our residents have taken up the challenge to find and report on menu highlights at nearby restaurants.  Word travels fast, especially with their monthly restaurant reviews in our local newsletter, the Meadowlark.

We are now marking our calendars for the upcoming season, including performances by the North Carolina Symphony, which comes to Memorial Auditorium in Chapel Hill for nine programs each season. Some among us will be attending programs at the world-class Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC), which brings the best of Broadway and major performing artists to a local stage, productions at Playmaker’s Repertory Theater in Chapel Hill, and simulcasts of Metropolitan Opera productions at various cinema locations.  It’s a good life!

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