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Dutch master Rembrandt inspires event
Carolina Meadows

The Lobby featured an elegant table evoking the 17th century with an Oriental rug under antique pewter, candle holders, artist’s materials and art books featuring Rembrandt’s and his contemporaries’ paintings. To the side of this subtle “announcement” stood a richly colored reproduction of his famous painting “The Night Watch” with notice of the art lecture that was to be held in the Auditorium.

A Dutch dinner of surpassing taste and authenticity preceded the lecture with the diners moving to the Auditorium afterward to hear Dr. Timothy Riggs, Curator of Collections at the Ackland Art Museum, address his theme: “Rembrandt vs. the Connoisseurs: The Trial of Four Centuries.” Riggs spoke to understanding of the term “connoisseur”, removing the mystery in the concept and discussing prominent connoisseurs, who influenced the changing opinion of Rembrandt over time. Using images to illustrate his points he also touched on the market for Rembrandt and how it influenced scholars who in turn, influenced the market. An appreciative audience enjoyed a question period that further demonstrated the speaker’s expertise. Praise also went to the Special Events Committee for the truly special event.

Dr. Timothy Riggs, Curator of Collections at the Ackland Art Museum, speaks to Carolina Meadows residents about Rembrandt. Photo by Joe Mengel.


Resident PR Committee member Dorothy Mahan recounts a recent event at Carolina Meadows in honor of the “Rembrandt in America” exhibition at the N.C. Museum of Art through Jan. 22.

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