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Enthusiastic Residents Act as Weekend Ambassadors
Chris Kesner

Carolina Meadows is a welcoming community. As members of the Weekend Ambassadors (WEA), a group of resident volunteers, we are eager to meet prospective residents and families and share our excitement about living here.   We support the Marketing staff by taking visitors around campus on weekends.

The Ambassadors split into two groups in 2014: WeekEND and WeekDAY Ambassadors. Martha Hutt and I co-chair the group of approximately 50 volunteers who take two-hour shifts on weekends. We are in the Lobby or on call, ready to meet with visitors who wish to learn more about life at Carolina Meadows.

In addition to conducting tours of the Club Center and campus, our volunteers answer questions about our community life and provide information about applying for residence here.  A Marketing staff member follows up with all visitors.
WEA meetings occur January, March, May, September, and November.  Meetings typically begin with light refreshments and include a speaker.  Co-chairs circulate calendars for volunteer sign-ups, and training sessions are scheduled as needed through the Marketing Department.

WEAs give visitors a unique resident perspective.  And what fun for us!
Recently we received a thank you note written by visitors to a WEA couple, it read, “It was a pleasure to meet you and to have the benefit of your experience.  You were generous with your time and I know Mom felt warmly welcomed.”

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