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Everyone Likes Ice Cream
Kris Snyder, Activities Director

One sure way to draw a crowd is to offer free ice cream, throw in a delightful Dixieland band, and you’ve got a recipe for success. The Activities Department hosted three ice cream socials in June, July, and August in the Auditorium.  The whole campus was invited and, sure enough, residents from Independent Living, the Fairways, the Green, and the Pines were all there, like a family reunion!  Several people stopped by to comment on how nice it was to see friends from all over the campus together sharing a fun time.

The place filled up quickly and, as usual, the line went out the door as Jody and Kris scooped out the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors, creating over- developed muscles in that one arm.  “Can I have all three favors?” was a common request which was happily fulfilled. The folks were encouraged to head over to the toppings table to add more sinfulness to an already naughty bowl of frozen perfection.  Strawberries, nuts, crushed Oreos , toffee pieces, rainbow jimmies and hot fudge  were spread out on the table for all to partake.  Top it off with whipped cream and  a maraschino cherry and you’ve created a masterpiece!

The Bloomsbury Boys strolled around sharing personal performances of upbeat Dixieland jazz and resident John Haynes photographed the occasion, often catching everyone in mid-bite.  It was fun to see all your friends there, happy, smiling, mouths full of everyone’s favorite summertime treat, ICE CREAM!

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