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For the love of Ava — or the mac & cheese
Carolina Meadows

This was our second trip to the Ava Gardner Museum in charming Smithfield, N.C., and all but one of our residents had never been. Activities Specialist Jody Hite and I took this same trip two years ago to the month. The one resident who went with us last time decided to join us again just for the “fine” dining experience we had afterward.

From the Museum’s website: “The Ava Gardner Museum honors the life, loves, and legacy of one of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies. Discover the real Ava Gardner as you take the self-guided tour through more than 5,000 square-feet of exhibit space. You’ll see extraordinary costumes, movie posters and awards that represent Ava’s 50-year career as a leading Hollywood actress.”

When we first arrived in the quaint museum, we were led to a small theater where we were shown a 15-minute video — a great way to get you excited about walking the museum viewing the wonderful artifacts from her life. You don’t need to be a big fan of Ava’s to enjoy this beautiful display; one resident described it as a “delightful touchback to the ‘50s.”

After our time in the museum, it was time for lunch. We gave everyone a choice between the local diner across the street with the good Southern cooking, The Bistro around the corner or the NY deli up the street. Most chose the diner with their famous macaroni & cheese: the whole reason the one resident came along on the trip. She described the baked mac & cheese as “yummy, fattening and made with real cheese”. Although the ambience couldn’t compare with Carolina Meadows, the food hit the spot.

A beautiful day, a lovely museum and a belly full of home-style Southern cooking — what more could you ask for?

Ava Gardner pic.

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