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Halloween Fun at the Meadows
Dorothy Mahan

Every year our witty, resourceful Activities Department, under Kris Snyder and Jody Hite,  orchestrates a spectacular Halloween party for our residents and employees. This year the entrance to the Auditorium was decorated with a scary-inviting decor and inside long tables were laden with holiday food. Booths were set up for games of chance with dart and ball throws. There was a Kissing Booth where a 6’8” Doll in high heels  (aka 6’4” Chip Baker from our Clinic) rewarded you with candy kisses if you flirted convincingly.

Funny Halloween dolls were awarded to game winners while we all waited for the piece de resistance, the residents’ costume parade, followed by the employees’ costume parade, ending with the kiddies’ costumes, featuring children of our employees. Winners were determined by residents‘ loud clapping, whistles and cheers of support.

This year one winning resident was dressed as a taco, a couple showed up as Beauty and the Beast ( a pig-nose face did the job) and residents of The Green (memory center) all came as a bowling team.

Our employees got in the full Halloween spirit costumed as Cleopatra ( huge applause and whistles),The Time Warner Cable Guy (Resident Services Director Linda Zachary) the Bearded Lady, Maleficent, Zombie Doll, Creepy Clowns, and Cinderella, among others.

Finally the employees’ children came onstage, one infant costumed as a Sleepy Fish, was followed by two sister Princesses, one in gold, the other in black, both replete with frothy gowns and headdress. Another Beauty and the Beast, this time Junior sized, joined a family team of The Incredibles, with an employee Dad and two small sons outfitted in muscular Superman costumes.

Every Halloween we all an enjoy an hour and a half of spirited fun.  It’s a toss-up as to who enjoys the party most, the residents, the staff or the children.

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