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Healthy Apple Harvest event makes no one crabby
Carolina Meadows

Good weather and a relaxed setting on a crisp fall day brought 100 happy residents to the courtyard outside the Wellness Center. Michelle Marino, Health & Fitness Coordinator, claimed praise for the weather while resident Don Hamm noted that the venue was a unique place for friends to get together eating guilt-free snacks.

An array of apples cunningly appeared in apple-acorn soup, apple chips, apple and brie quesadillas, apple cider, and apple slices either plain or for dipping in chocolate sauce or cheese fondue. Whole Foods restaurant joined in the fun, providing green take-away cups and offerings of Honeycrisp apples.

Too bad if you missed the popular apple chips that disappeared fast, so much so that Michelle expects packets to appear in the Cafe as a permanent choice for our health-conscious residents. Marilyn Madden, Director of Health & Wellness, anticipates a call for the apple recipes to be printed in an upcoming Wellness newsletter.


From PR Committee member Dorothy Mahan

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