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Let’s Hear It for Our Volunteers
Christoph Schmidt

The Meadows provides enough activities
to satisfy most all proclivities.
Some involve just the participants
and have no further consequence.
Other activities are directed at peers
and are conducted by volunteers
whose involvement is quite extensive
(and, of course, quite inexpensive).

Their activities are diverse and ample;
as is apparent from this sample:
they assist management, with a knowing glance,
on budget matters and finance;
they run the library and make selections
of books and videos for its collections;
when the opportunity presents,
they conjure up some special events;
they strive to reconcile many voices
on dining service and menu choices;
they arrange a lecture series
which indulges listener queries;
they create and manage email groups
for us to converse away from snoops;
they produce a monthly publication
with a trove of news and information;
for the more passive pleasure seekers
they book in-house concerts and speakers;
and, they reach out to the needy of Chatham County
with charitable service and financial bounty.

So, to our volunteers: a HUGE ovation
for their commitment and dedication !

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