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Music at the Meadows
Bonnie Fuchs

One volunteer opportunity that appeals to a group of music-minded neighbors here is serving on the Music at the Meadows committee. Our charge is to bring excellent, often professional, performances to Carolina Meadows. With an annual budget from the Residents Association to pay performers, we produce musical events that add a rich layer to life in the community.

It’s rewarding for us to search out emerging talent and give exposure to new artists before they become unaffordable. And talented musicians find a most appreciative audience here. Virtuoso pianists, violinists, string quartets, and brass and woodwind ensembles are among the performers that have appeared on our auditorium stage, and so have vocalists in every range and style from operatic to traditional. Local cloggers have also presented lively and energetic dance programs.

A summer highlight was the 82nd Airborne All American Chorus from Ft. Bragg. UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Tim Carter, kicked off the Fall season with a program about Johnny Johnson, a Kurt Weill and Paul Green musical collaboration. Soon we’ll host pianist Vincent Van Gelder, the Aurora Trio, the Greg Gelb Jazz Trio, pianist Clara Yang, and many others.

Last year we programmed 22 events that entertained enthusiastic Meadows audiences and brought in some of the best musicians in the area. Stay tuned.

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