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My Love Affair with My Library
Judy Tilson

By Judy Tilson

My love affair with my library goes back to the first moment I walked through the Carolina Meadows front door as a visitor.  Straight ahead of me in the most important place of honor was the most of more than 5000 of my new best friends.  The fact that the library is such a central part of CM was particularly impressive as it was a statement reflecting the values and priorities of the residents and the importance of supporting those priorities to the Administration.

photo by John Haynes

That first impression was more than 6 years ago.  We have been highly satisfied Resident-library-users ever since.  And so, we have been thrilled to witness how completely the Carolina Meadows library has come of age.  During the summer of 2017 a bit of magic (and more than a bit of hard work) took place.  Every book was swished away; new carpeting was installed; fresh paint was applied; all new matching shelves were purchased and each book swished back; a glorious new reception desk called out welcome; and new comfortable chairs invited occupancy.  Additionally the library now hosts a new magazine rack, new lighting, a new computer table, and many other changes that all help to make the library more user friendly and current, a proud statement of our values and priorities!

Thanks for the modernization and the success of the transformation for the library certainly goes to the Administration, which funded the beautification/modernization project, and to the wonderful CM staff who labored long and hard to move the books in and out and also cleaned the new space.  But no fewer thanks go to the 20 or so residents who rolled up their sleeves to help with the re-invention and to the 85 volunteers who staff the library and keep the DVDs, audio books, and our collection so current.

Our wonderful library entered the 21st century with a bold, beautiful, exciting set of swishes.  I’m in love all over again.  Just wait ‘til you see it.

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