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Overheard Pet Conversations
Dixie Spiegel

Our roving reporter at Carolina Meadows recently listened in on a conversation between two resident dogs here.  She was able to translate their barks and yips for us because she is fluent in canine. Here are the doggy observations they wish to share.

C: Hey! (That’s Southern for Hello). My name is Caroline. I’m an eleven-year old border collie rescue who lives at Carolina Meadows in a villa with my mom, Dixie.  I have a large yard with an electric fence, which is permitted here.

Z: And I am Zoe, the gorgeous blonde English lab.  I left my breeder and now I live in a villa too, with Hugh and Judy. We are here to tell you what it’s like to be a pet at Carolina Meadows.

C: It’s just fabulous. I swear I am going to go bald from being petted.  Every time Dixie and I go for our daily walk we meet people and often other dogs.  I get petted on our walks, in the Club Center, the meeting rooms, the auditorium, the library, and especially the Pines Health Center (our skilled nursing unit) where I am an approved visitor because I am soooo mellow.  We dogs can go everywhere in the Club Center except for the food venues, the pool (duh!), and the exercise/gym areas.

Z: I agree. I’ve only been at Carolina Meadows for about 3 months, but I have made so many friends, human and canine.  In fact, I caused a bit of a scandal when I got a tad flirtatious with Monty, a Cairn terrier, who already had a girl friend named Katy, an English Bulldog.  But it all worked out fine.  My favorite things to do at Carolina Meadows are chasing rabbits, making friends, and eating everything available.  Did you know several residents and staff members carry dog treats with them at all times, even if they don’t have a dog? What a place!

C: We keep our girlish figures (although I’m a bit fluffy) by exercising in the Carolina Meadows dog park.  We both just love living here.

Z: Caroline and I are two of the larger dogs here at Carolina Meadows. For our next blog we will interview a dog who lives in an apartment instead of a villa and a small dog.

C & Z: Woof, Woof, Yip! (Catch you later.)

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