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Photo display marks celebration of June weddings
Carolina Meadows

More than 60 residents displayed their wedding photographs in the Club Center Lobby in a recent celebration of June weddings. The special event elicited residents’ comments ranging from “He looks like Ronald Reagan,” and “This guy is really cute” to “This is a wonderful idea! They’re so beautiful and they bring out such happy memories for all of us.”

A “Guess Who Contest” kicked up the fun as residents were invited to identify the couples or brides in the photos. After 50 and 60 years of marriage, it was challenging to guess which of the residents matched their wedding pictures. The winner of the contest, Jody Hite, a long-time employee and ”member of the CM family,” correctly guessed 25 of the 62 photos. She was awarded a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses for outstanding sleuth work.

A wedding dinner featuring foods from the Royal Wedding of Kate and Will scored high points with our diners. The evening ended with an updated film version of “The Father of the Bride,” sending residents home with laughter and romance still in the air.


From PR Committee member Dorothy Mahan, with a photo by Joe Mengel

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