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Resident Finds Carolina Meadows Brings Out Her Inner Extrovert
Carolina Meadows

An abundance of events and diversions has Dona more active than ever.

Before her move to Carolina Meadows 18 months ago, Dona considered herself a bit of a loner. She was pleasantly surprised at just how much she fun she’s had getting to know her neighbors and fellow residents. Says Dona, “I’ve just been really impressed at the wide variety of things to do, and that the great majority are organized and led by residents.” The house she moved from was more secluded, and now she’s getting out and walking much more and having fun every day in intentional and random encounters. Her jaunts are often to the Club Center, where she engages in many of the activities hosted there, including lectures, musical programs and arts and crafts classes. And Dona says, “the thing that I liked the most is the Equity Advantage opportunity, where you buy your property, and when it’s sold you don’t lose everything, you get most of it back. That was important as a financial consideration.”

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