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Road Trip to Siler City
Sally Walker

Not long ago, four stalwart Carolina Meadows women set off on a mission to explore Siler City.  At our first stop—an appointment—we spent a fascinating hour with Town Manager, Bryan Thompson, and Director of Planning and Development, Jack Meadows.  They gave us a wealth of information about history, demographics, schools, economy, plans and dreams. Then we proceeded to the Cecil Budd Tire Company where we found Mayor John Grimes, a genial partner in the company who cheerfully confessed, “I married the boss’s daughter.”  The 60-year-old mayor proudly showed us his football memorabilia.  

At our next stop, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Brownie-Lu’s. Best fried chicken and fried pickles I’ve ever had!  In the heart of historic downtown Siler City we found Farmers Alliance, which has been in business for 125 years, selling such goods as hoop cheese, Lava soap, bib overalls, and scrub boards.  

One more find: the NC Arts Incubator, also downtown.  There, in addition to the retail gallery, we found studios with space for dozens of artists to work in a large variety of media, from painting and weaving to glass and basketry.  We met several artists, who seemed pleased to describe their delight in this unique facility and in the comradeship they’ve found with each other.

What a wonderful day!

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