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Something to Think About
Shirley DeWispelaere

Kim Broucksou, our resourceful Director of Cognitive Care, is offering a series of classes called “Boost Your Brain and Memory.” She has designed this program to help us understand the theory of cognitive reserve and lower our risk for dementia.

The theory of cognitive reserve suggests that we can engage in brain-healthy behavior that will create brain reserve and help reduce our risk of dementia. Think of cognitive reserve as the brain’s 401 (K) or retirement account.

Kim’s class includes a workbook and videos on brain health showing how to maintain a healthy, functioning brain. There are different types of dementia, and we learned that they are not a normal part of aging. Six area studies are: physical, emotional, intellectual health, nutrition, spiritual activity and social engagement. Research suggests that increasing our level of activity in each of these areas will give us the best chance of maintaining our brain health throughout our years at Carolina Meadows. The workbook contains tips and suggested activities for setting goals.

Between Kim’s instruction, the workbook, the video, group discussions, and snacks, this is a win-win series. Anyone wishing to stay brain healthy can truly benefit. The next session will begin in mid-March with 8 classes. Classes are limited to 10 or 12 participants and meet in the Study in the Pines. After participating in this myself, I highly recommend attending!

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