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Successful school supplies campaign for Chatham County Together
Carolina Meadows

The Community Outreach Committe of Carolina Meadows just completed a successful campaign of collecting school supplies for Chatham County Together (CCT).

CCT carries out an ambitious mission of mentoring “at-risk” children to help them reach their full potential and become positive members of their communities. !

At left: Resident Kathryn Moss with school supplies collected for Chatham County Together

Right now they have 50 mentors for 50 children who are selected by the school system. Unfortunately, their federal grant for supporting “Mentoring Children of Prisoners” was just cancelled. So they need all the financial and physical support we can give them.

We came through with $407 of a variety of school supplies, which completely filled up the rear of a station wagon.

Because many residents are unable to make a trip to a store to purchase school supplies, they choose to donate money. This amounted to $2,154.

We delivered the supplies and checks to Kim Caraganis and Pam Johnson of CCT on Feb 1. They were most welcoming and grateful


From Lynn Ogden, Chair of the Community Outreach Volunteers Committee. The committee supports Carolina Meadows residents who wish to contribute their time, goods or financial aid to non-profit agencies in Chatham County.

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