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Tea and Conversation in the Auditorium
Jillian Schoening

It’s time for tea and scones here at Carolina Meadows.

Every third Tuesday of the month at 3 o’clock, the Wellbeing and Engagement Committee at Carolina Meadows hosts Tea and Conversation. This event is a time to socialize with other residents and staff members, savor fresh scones, and of course, enjoy your favorite tea. At this monthly event, you can try a variety of teas. At our last one, we sipped lemon herbal tea, organic peppermint, and the most popular raspberry tea.

At our Last Tea and Conversation…

On December 17th, we had over 50 residents and staff members come out to have tea and scones, relax, converse, and meet new people. There were over eight flavors of tea to choose from and our lavender scones were made fresh from dining and catering (headed by Thom Cranna). Residents also enjoyed live music directly after. Some highlights are that anyone is welcome and there is no sign up required.

Benefits of Tea

Not only is tea delicious to drink, but it’s good for you. Some potential health benefits linked to drinking tea are:

  • Lavender tea may improve sleep, ease headaches, and reduce inflammation
  • Mint tea may soothe indigestion
  • Green teas may improve endurance, energize you, and may reduce cholesterol
  • Turmeric teas may assist in cancer prevention and reduce inflammation

And the list goes on! Depending on the tea you drink, you may be able to enjoy some of these positive benefits from tea. However, be sure to read the packaging to see if your tea contains caffeine. As a tip, if you want caffeine-free tea, look out for herbal and rooibus teas as they are often caffeine-free.

Please Join Us

Here is everything you need to know to join us for tea and scones.

What: Tea and Conversation at Carolina Meadows

When: Every third Tuesday of the month from 3 – 4 pm

Where: The Auditorium

Who can join: All employees or residents welcome

Our next Tea and Conversation is January 21st – Please join us and invite others!

Thank you to dining, catering, Thom Cranna (Catering Manager), Jody Hite, and the Wellbeing and Engagement Committee for hosting these afternoon teas.

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