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The Carolina Meadows Library: A Superb Resource
Carolina Meadows

When I was six years old I received my first library card and have been wedded to books ever since. I love to read. Favorite subjects at present are histories and historical biographies. The books I’ve collected are my most treasured material possession.

I’m sure that during the twenty years my wife and I lived in Chapel Hill I was among the most frequent patrons of the Chapel Hill Public Library. When we moved to Carolina Meadows, one of the first things I did was visit the CM library to determine how, or if, it might meet my reading needs. I was bowled over by the depth and caliber of the library collection and its sophisticated computerized records, not to mention the dedication of some 85 volunteers.

There are some 6,000 items in the collection, including hard cover, soft cover, large print, and audio books, DVDs and periodicals. Continuous updating of the holdings, as well as subscriptions to newspapers and magazines is made possible by funds generated from annual book sales. In addition, residents regularly donate their gently used books.

On my very first visit to the library, I concluded there was ample reading inventory on the shelves to fill my personal requirements for at least the next two years. In retrospect, after three years living at Carolina Meadows, to my surprise I have determined there are probably several more years of books available to whet my appetite right here on campus. We are fortunate to have this wonderful resource available to us, and at no additional cost.


By CM resident John Modisett

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