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The doors of Christmas
Carolina Meadows

These days, walking down the halls of the Carolina Meadows Health Center is like a journey through Wonderland. All the doors to resident rooms have been transformed into Yuletide splendor.

Carolina Meadows staff members from various departments, joined in some cases by relatives of residents, have encased the doors of the 86-bed nursing center in colorful gift-wrap paper and festooned them with bows, Santa Clauses, angels, snowmen, ribbons, and a host of other creative items. One door, no doubt that to the room of a cat lover, has pictures of several adorable felines peeking out from behind seasonal ornaments. Another features three gift bags attached to the door, each wrapped in silver and overflowing with glittering foil. The packages are labeled Peace, Hope, and Love.

The week before Christmas, three independent living residents were recruited by the long-time resident coordinator of Health Center volunteers, Don Hamm, to judge the doors. Clipboards in hand, the “judges” went up and down the halls with the formidable assignment of ranking the doors. After an hour, dizzy with all the color and creativity, the trio narrowed the more than 60 doors to what they considered the best four. Revisiting those, the difficult decision was made as to the final ranking. Kris Snyder, activities director, awarded prizes to the staff members who had created the best doors. No need to report which doors “won;” all were winners!

From resident Public Relations Committee member Bill Powers

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