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The Pool, a Key Wellness
Carolina Meadows

Yesterday, I was poking around a website that I frequent called and discovered an article entitled 9 Good Reasons Why You Should Get in the Pool. by Alex Kostich (See the Article).

Besides being quite refreshing, pools are extremely good for your health and general well-being. Swimming is great for your heart, building balance, increasing flexibility, strengthening your core, losing weight, building endurance and even as a social outlet.

I’ve been a part of Carolina Meadows for just about six years now and I’ve seen the emphasis that our community puts on wellness, especially the pool. Now I know why. Michelle Marino, Health and Fitness Coordinator at Carolina Meadows, is always developing new classes and programs to get residents and staff interested in taking control of their health. I must admit, she is really good at her job. Carolina Meadows has a huge array of classes to choose from, for all levels of exercise. Heart Smart, Arthritis classes, Ai Chi, Lap Swimming, Hydrafit and Aquaducks to name a few. And that is just the pool classes! There is a whole other selection of classes offered in the exercise studios and fitness center.

Personally, I find that I live a much healthier lifestyle now that I work for such an active and engaging community. I have Carolina Meadows to thank for that.



By Phil DeSantis

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