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Trick AND Treat
Bill Powers

You’d never know that Halloween was for kids if you happened to be in the Carolina Meadows auditorium on October 31st.

A score of staff members, decked out in costumes from the beautiful to the outrageous, greeted residents as they arrived for the annual party. Refreshments included hot cider, cupcakes topped with orange icing, green jello cups, finger snacks, and pumpkin shaped cookies. On each table was an assortment of mini candy bars and other goodies that one might give to children ringing one’s door bell and shouting “Trick or Treat!”

The entertainment highlight was the contest to select the staff members with the most creative costumes. One of the winners was a 6’3” male nurse practitioner from the Carolina Meadows clinic who came dressed as a —shall we say “well-endowed” female nurse. Residents doubled over with laughter as Chip sashayed to the stage, in high heels no less!

Another feature of the party was announcing the winners of the Pumpkin-decorating competition. For the previous few days about twenty pumpkins had been on display in the Club Center lobby. Each of the 15 precincts or neighborhoods into which the community is divided as well as several administrative departments had used awesome imagination to come up with a unique treatment of the signature symbol of Halloween. This is where a picture is worth a thousand words – so be sure to look at the accompanying photos.

If one word were needed to describe life at Carolina Meadows, it might be Spirit!  The Halloween party was a good example of that spirit — the contagious warmth and joy of the staff and the “young-at-heart” energy and fun-loving character of the residents.

And, oh yes, there were several children present, the sons and daughters of staff members. The little ones paraded across the stage in their costumes, were roundly applauded, and given special treats.

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