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Understanding Vision Issues
Carolina Meadows

Few things are more important than eyesight. In a recent presentation at Carolina Meadows, Dr. Henry Greene, Director of the Center for Vision Rehabilitation in Durham, explained how the eyes work, problems that can emerge, and the remedies available.

There are three types of vision: distance, mid-range, and inside arm’s length. Each range has its challenges and may require different optical aids.

Distance vision is needed for driving. Many people develop problems with night vision as they age. There are lenses, including telescopic, that can correct vision to the 20/40 level required by the Department of Motor Vehicles. At mid-level ranges, we can feel more socially engaged if we have lenses that clarify vision in that range. As for reading and looking at computer screens, the correct lenses can enrich lives and enhance comfort.

Dr. Greene’s message was: don’t suffer with vision concerns. See an ophthalmologist to check for diseases of the eye; visit an optometrist to get the optical devices most appropriate for your needs.

By CM Resident Jim Scatliff

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