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Wellness Fair a Hit
Carolina Meadows

Hundreds of Carolina Meadows residents streamed into the auditorium recently for the 12th annual Wellness Fair. They were greeted by the aroma of delicious healthy foods which they were invited to sample. Some were sizzling on hot plates, others offered on a bed of fresh greens.

Tickets won at games such as bursting balloons with darts and knocking over milk bottles with balls could be redeemed for such delectable items as cotton candy, soft drinks, and funnel cakes. (OK, so everything at the Fair wasn’t that “healthy”!)

The dunk tank proved to be one of the most popular challenges for residents. Taking half hour turns each, several of our intrepid staff members braved a sudden dunking when a resident, perhaps reliving a long ago time on the baseball diamond, wound up, threw a ball and — bingo — hit the bull’s-eye that sent the good natured employee into the water.

But it was more than just fun-and-games. Vendors and local health-care professionals were available for consultation. Dermatologists, audiologists, pharmacists, and physical therapists made it easy for residents to gain information in a pleasant setting. Personally, I spoke with an ophthalmologist’s assistant about cataract surgery. I also had my blood pressure taken by a UNC School of Pharmacy graduate student. However, the line was too long to get a chair massage!

“Wellness” is a focal theme and persistent goal at Carolina Meadows. The Wellness staff, working with a resident committee, continually seeks ways to preserve and enhance the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, vocational, environmental, and intellectual wellbeing of every member of the community. The Wellness Fair was but one dimension of that commitment.



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