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What in the World?
Judith Ferster

Friday morning “World Affairs” programs have become a “must do” on the calendars of many Carolina Meadows residents. For years, we have enjoyed the opportunity to stay current with important events and issues on the world stage by means of these weekly lectures organized by our fellow residents. Since I arrived in 2003, leadership has passed from Alan Kaplan, to Laura Kahn, to Judith and Raymond Pulley, with help from Ray Dawson. The organizing team draws on expertise among our own residents, nearby expertise in the Triangle, and occasionally, videos.

Under the current leaders, the title changed from “Foreign Affairs” to “World Affairs” in order to include local as well as international themes. Sometimes the Pulleys and Ray Dawson, who are former university professors, tackle subjects themselves. Through careful research they manage to engage a diverse audience in considering a large amount of information that avoids narrowness and single points of view. They also save time for the lively discussions that follow.

One month’s offerings illustrate the range of topics and scale of subjects the team tackles: the “The 2015-16 NC Legislative Session: A Retrospective and a Look Forward,”“The Current State of France,” “China in 2023 – China’s Domestic and Foreign Posture Under Xi Jinping,”
and the future of world religions. Aware of the advantages to themselves as they nurture their own brainpower by continuously learning new things, the leadership team is happy to share responsibilities with others who want to get in on the act. Do you have an idea for a program, something you know about and want to research further? Contact Pulley, Pulley, or Dawson to grab a topic for yourself.

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