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What’s in a Name?
Don Stedman

The upcoming UNCTV Campaign is now the PBS North Carolina Campaign. For Carolina Meadows, this is the 17th year of fundraising to support public television. We are among the top corporate supporters each year. But this recent name change has caused some concern and confusion. Let me try to clear things up a bit.

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If you have watched public television lately, you have probably noticed a whole lot of “re-branding” going on. What has been “UNCTV” for decades is now “PBS North Carolina”, and it’s “powered” by the UNC System.

Some think this a step away from the University of North Carolina; not so. Over the years the “studio” with one camera, a table and a chair in the basement of Swain Hall on the UNC Chapel Hill campus (catty-corner from the Carolina Inn) and signed as Channel 4 Educational TV, has grown to a large facility in Durham’s Research Triangle Park, and a statewide network of stations and broadcast capacity that provides access to every Tarheel family. It now ranges from long time favorite programs like NOVA, Downton Abbey, Masterpiece, and people like Mr. Rogers, Bill Friday, Judy Dench and Judy Woodruff to the current array of remote learning, Kids Channel, legislative affairs, Vivian Howard and NPR News. This new brand PBS North Carolina is intended to reflect that new reality. Give it a look.

And by the way, contribute or pledge to the upcoming Carolina Meadows UNCTV –oops- PBS NC Fundraising Campaign.

And, for our readers outside North Carolina: Be sure to support your local PBS stations.

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