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A cool summer treat
Carolina Meadows

What better way to cool off and see friends who might otherwise be hiding from the heat than an Ice Cream Social? On Wednesday, June 15, we did just that, with Activities Specialist Jody Hite and myself serving up three flavors of ice cream — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry — and toppings galore! We had hot fudge, cherries, strawberries, nuts and jimmies, crushed Oreos, toffee crunch and whipped cream. We even had a no-sugar-added option with sugar-free chocolate and caramel syrups.

There’s something about eating ice cream that makes you feel like a kid again. Whether remembering chasing the ice cream truck down the street or helping Mom make homemade ice cream in the kitchen, it’s a special treat that brings back fond memories of childhood. And how can you not feel like a kid when there’s chocolate syrup running down your arm?

We had two fun games, bean bag toss and a new game called Ladderball that some folks tried out and had fun with. Mostly, though, people just enjoyed sitting and chatting with each other as they savored their summertime snack. The sounds of talking and laughter filled the room (along with the harmonica playing of resident Clarence Whitefield).

Many people asked “Can we go through the line twice?” to which we replied, “you keep coming, we’ll keep serving, when it’s gone, it’s gone.” We knew when we closed up shop, that a lot of dinners were spoiled that day. Mission accomplished.




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