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A Stroke of Luck!
Jackie Heywood

Carolina Meadows has a wonderful, well-maintained Par 3, nine-hole golf course on campus and plenty of golfers among the residents. Men and women play the course together every Saturday, all year round weather permitting. Women’s playdays are held on Monday mornings from April to November.

The Championship Tournment which is a two day event is held in October. Our most recent winners were: Gus Conley (Men’s Medalist), Jackie Heywood (Women’s Medalist), and John Latimer (Low Net). We usually have six or seven foursomes enjoying the mixed tournaments. Best of all is the great camaraderie afterwards when we meet in the Cafe for lunch.

We had a treat during a regular tournament this fall when one of our new residents made a hole-in-one on the eighth hole. Eagle-eyed Sue Guido saw the ball roll into the hole, but two others in Sam Ligon’s foursome—Sallie Comey and Fred Bowman—missed seeing it. They all knew, of course, that Sam was playing a Callaway ball. Fred, a great tease, got a laugh when he took Sam’s ball out of the hole and asked, “Are you playing with a Titleist?”

And Sam’s winnings? Those were in accord with Carolina Meadows tradition: lots of congratulatory handshakes, pats on the back, and a small pot of money. Now we’re wondering who will be next.

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