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An Evening with Ed
Beverly Patterson

Everybody’s talking about Tuesday night’s gala dinner, “An Evening with Ed Paolantonio.” Sponsored by our residents’ Special Events and Music committees and the Carolina Meadows Activities staff, the event lived up to its promise. It proved to be a leisurely gathering of friends in a nightclub-like atmosphere with fine dining and great music.

We walked into the auditorium at 6:00 p.m. in our “cocktail attire,” not entirely sure what to expect. Any uncertainty soon disappeared. The music and lighting and formal dinner table settings created an inviting scene. Jazz pianist Ed Paolantonio was already at work setting the mood at the Steinway.  No wonder he is in demand.

The flexible dress code had given everyone permission to enjoy the evening no matter what they wore. Men in tuxedos and women in formal gowns mingled happily with their less formally dressed friends and neighbors. Everyone was enjoying the cocktail hour visiting and making introductions.

The food did not disappoint. Caesar salad with fresh shaved Parmesan, pan-seared beef tenderloin with sundried cherry demi-glace served with grilled shrimp and a lemon beurre blanc, roasted sweet potato rounds, and steamed asparagus. For the grand finale—chocolate molten cake with pecan nut brittle.

A well-deserved special thank you to our kitchen and wait staff marked the end of the evening. We may never know how they pulled this off while the Carolina Meadows kitchen and dining rooms are in the middle of renovation and expansion. But we are so glad they did.  People are already saying we should do this again!

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