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CM Golf Cart Retires to Carolina Farms
Carolina Meadows

Down in the rolling farmland of Stanly County is Carolina Farms, one of the States top vocational -farm community residential programs for young men with Autism. The Farms are part of GHA Autism Supports, a non-profit regional center for people with Autism, and partner with UNC Chapel Hill. After years of carrying Carolina Meadows residents to view their new homes, our retiring Transporter (succeeded recently by a brand new cart) will carry young men daily from their cottages to the farm gardens, barns and sheds. A gift from the Meadows to the Farms, the exchange was yet another way that CM is reaching out to neighbors and meeting our social accountability needs. (The photo at bottom shows Melissa Kass, VP of Sales/Marketing, and Amy Gorely, Director of CM Outreach and Social Accountability, turning Transporter over to John Fields, Carolina Farms Operations Manager. Don Stedman, CM resident and Marc Whittemore look on.)


Written by Don Stedman

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