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Seeking And Finding A Sense Of Community
Carolina Meadows

Couple takes their time to find the right mix of warmth and camaraderie.

In considering where to retire, Pat and Wallace established a process where they’d visit a CCRC, have a look around, then simply sit in the lobby and observe resident interactions. At Carolina Meadows, they witnessed obvious joy and genuine concern as residents greeted and chatted with one another. This was reinforced by the warmth and respect shown by staff to residents. Says Wallace, “We said, ‘this is a community we like.’” Now, six years after moving in, Pat and Wallace are still very happy with their decision, for many reasons. Wallace served on the Board of Directors for a year and was glad to be a contribution. Both have fun singing in a choral group, noting that learning the words is good for memory. “And,” says Pat, “the food is excellent! I feel sorry for people who live in other CCRCs!”

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