Seeking And Finding A Sense Of Community
Carolina Meadows

Couple takes their time to find the right mix of warmth and camaraderie.

Chris and her husband took a very thoughtful approach to their search for a CCRC that suited them, visiting 16 different facilities and researching many more. “When we came to CM, there was a very different feeling to it, almost from the get-go we got a sense of openness and welcoming,” says Chris. “We love that there are opportunities for engagement, opportunities for growth, in expanding ourselves personally and intellectually. I just came from lecture series on World Affairs, it is fabulous. There are opportunities to enjoy the arts, and many beautiful facilities where one can pursue artistic interests, pottery, woodworking, and other arts. We have a changing variety of residential art venues, Music at the Meadows and a real diversity of music and performances brought in through resident donations. I really love this place.”

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