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Woodcraft Shop Upgrades
Bob Rich

New lighting, new equipment, new dust collectors! You may not have noticed, but during the last few years the Residents’ Woodcraft Shop has undergone a total revitalization.

In November, we replaced our old shop lighting with new fixtures and bulbs. Shortly before that, we received a donation of a new lathe. During the last few years all eight major pieces of equipment in the shop have been upgraded. By that, I mean that—thanks to donors—we received replacements that are newer or more powerful or larger than the equipment we had been using. In addition we received a miter saw and a mortise drill. Our 670 sq. ft. shop now houses five different types of saws, a drill press, a plainer, a joiner, a full lathe, as well as various sanders.

We keep up with health concerns. The shop is equipped with a brand new dust collector that is attached to each major piece of equipment. The shop also has an air filter to collect finer particles from the entire room.

Projects made in the shop include works of art, wood bowls, bookshelves, jewel boxes and dining room tables, with leaves. If you enjoy woodworking, this is the place for you.

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